Starbucks as Web Incubator?

I’m sitting here at Panera (somewhat like Starbucks with real food) working on my laptop (which is nice but starting to fall apart).  Just thinking…….  Can a place like Panera or Starbucks come out with a “web incubator” concept.  That is, there is seating room for 50-100 or so here.  Lots come here to work on their laptop and drink up caffeine-laden beverages.  Why not think of a place like this as a business?

Maybe this is crazy, but maybe this would bread more productivity and entrepreneurialism.   Drinking coffee and reading or listening to new trends is a great way to get inspired, to have visions of the future and motivated.

So, assuming 100 “desks”, why not charge $250 per person per month.  That’s $25,000 in rent per month, surely enough to cover real rent — and enough leftover to invest in some incubator-like support.

This model could be advanced by assuming people are on some kind of meal plan.

Hey, why not?


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