Steve Ballmer of Microsoft talks DataPortability

I want to say thank you to Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozzie of Microsoft for their commitment to DataPortability. Marshall Kirpatrick of ReadWriteWeb writes “the company’s new strategy shift towards Data Portability and Interoperability for their high volume products like Windows and Office.”

Allen Stern of CenterNetworks blogged the Microsoft event live. He cites Steve Ballmer as saying, “Data portability – we realize that different users have different needs but with this announcement we will let developers plugin different formats for saving documents.”

So what exactly is this all about? We already know that Microsoft has joined our grass roots organization (where I’m a co-founder), but are they serious?

Yes, they are. Not that they are trying to be nice. Rather, they wisely view DataPortability as good strategy. Basically, if customers are leaving Microsoft because they are too proprietary, going more open is a way to keep and even grow their customer base.

To form your own opinion, I recommend spending some time reading the Microsoft press release. Dr. Manfred Wangler, a VP at Siemens is quoted in the press release saying, “Today’s news takes Microsoft’s interoperability commitment to a whole new level.”

Hey Microsoft, welcome to DataPortability!



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  1. Charlie on

    Great. Microsoft, how about letting your hotmail users get their mail via POP or IMAP, for starters? I helped my grandma switch to gmail but you’re still holding all her old messages hostage.

  2. Mike Reynolds on

    I agree Charlie. Not only this, but I wish porting emails from one account to another were much more simple, making the exact technology used transparent.

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